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Bres BV, 1993ISBN 90-6229-053-3 / NUGI 626


Heilende Rituale
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Verlag Hermann Bauer KG, first print 1996
ISBN 3-7626-0682-X
Reprinted by Schirner Verlag 2007
ISBN 978-3-89767-546-9

Schamanische Heilungsrituale
Sold out

In the series ‘Nahrung fur die Seele’, this summarized edition of Heilende Rituale was published.

Verlag Hermann Bauer KG, 2001
ISBN 3-7626-0854-7

Handboek SjamanismeHandboek Sjamanisme

An introduction to many different aspects of shamanism: for example trance-journeys, making rattles and drums, dreams and more. The book was inspired by the questions students in the year trainings asked.

De driehoek
ISBN10     9062290442
isbn13     9789062290444

In de Geest van het Sjamanisme
Sold out

A collections of articles and essays about traditonal and contemporary shamanism, about half of these were published earlier in magazine Bres in the Netherlands.

Bres BV, 1999
ISBN 90-6229-060-4 / NUGI 625, 631


 Chamanisme et Psychotherapie
Contains a selection of the articles of the above book.

Part of the series ‘Question de’, nr. 108.
Albin-Michel, 1997
ISBN 2-226-09343-5

Beelden van de Ziel

About the ways in which classical family constellations and shamanic ritual overlap. Part theory, part practical examples from traditional rituals and workshops. Based on a one and a half year long correspondence with Bert Hellinger (from 1999-2000).

Altamira-Becht, first print 2001,
second print 2003.ISBN 90-6963-514-3 / NUGI 625,612


Images of the Soul

Carl-Auer-Systeme Verlag, 2001

ISBN 3-89670-231-9

Die Heilung kommt von Ausserhalb

Carl-Auer-Systeme Verlag, first print 2001.
ISBN 3-89670-213-0

La Sanacion viene desde afuera
Alma Lepik editorial, 2004
ISBN 987-21003-1-4

Immagini dell’anima

Edizioni Crisalide – Collana di Psicologia
ISBN 88-7183-161-6

Rytualy szamanskie a ustawienia rodzinne

Wydawnictwo Kos, 2007
ISBN: 83-60528-21-7

Obrazy Duse

Maitrea a.s.,
Praha 2007
ISBN 80-903761-3-4

Imaginile sufletului

Editura Elena Francisc, 2009

Ruimte voor Relaties
| sold out

Eighty rituals and exercises for people who are looking for a new love in their life. All material was collected during individual sessions for clients about this subject.

Altamira-Becht, 2002ISBN 90-6963-566-6 / NUR 728, 770


Ich lasse mich finden

Carl-Auer-Systeme Verlag,
verschenen in maart 2003
ISBN 3-89670-406-0

 New edition

Carl-Auer-Systeme, 2007
ISBN 978-3-89670-555-6

Pozwol sie odnalezc

Wydawnictwo Kos, 2009
ISBN 978-83-60528-87-7

Werken met het levenswiel
An introduction to the work with the wheel of the four directions. In each chapter another aspect of the wheel is presented: each piece of theory is followed by a few practical exersizes. A book to read, but also a ‘how-to’ book.

2004ISBN 90-6963-644-1 / NUR 728


The Four Directions

Sine Causa Verlag, 2008
ISBN 978-3-941033-06-1

Cztery kierunki

Wydawnictwo KOS, 2011
ISBN: 978-83-7649-039-

De tranen van de voorouders

‘The Tears of the Ancestors is an important contribution to our understanding of problems rooted in collective trauma. Individuals who have been abused and victimized will be helped by becoming aware of the patterns in the soul as it responds to deep relational trauma. Those who want to look into the shadows of history and the legacy of war, persecution and genocide will gain insight into what binds us to the groups we already belong to and how we can manage this belonging in a responsible way.’
(by Rabbi Dr. Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, in praise of the book)

Uitgeverij Altamira-Becht BV, 2007
ISBN 978 90 6963 785 3 / NUR 777


Las lágrimas de los ancestros

Alma Lepik Editorial, 2007
ISBN 978-987-23174-6-1

Die Tränen der Ahnen

Carl-Auer Verlag, 2008
ISBN 978-3-89670-632-4

The Tears of the Ancestors

Zeig, Tucker & Theissen Inc. Publishers
ISBN 978-1-932462-98-2

Sjamanistische rituelen

Uitgeverij De Driehoek, 2011
ISBN: 9789060307243


My first four CD’s are completely sold out, and unfortunately can not be downloaded anymore because the company that made it possible doesn’t provide this service anymore. My most recent CD, Athalbero, can be ordered still as real CD.

Available as post order.

AthalberoAthalbero means ‘noble bear’ in old Germanic. The tracks on Athalbero were recorded live during trainings and seminars over a period of two years. Some melodies were used during a Systemic Ritual, others were improvised during shamanic journeys or healing rituals. The recordings were made using simple equipment, so the sound quality can not be of a similar level of a CD that was produced in a studio. The power and different athmospheres that are palpable during listening however make up for this. The selection of shorter and longer tracks takes you on a journey deep inside.

Ordering Athalbero:
Transfer €23,- for all orders outside of the Netherlands (€22,- within the Netherlands) to the account of the Practice for Systemic Ritual: IBAN: NL21 INGB 0000 610839,     BIC: INGBNL2A. Don’t forget to mention the pos address where you want to receive Athalberoa after you have made the transfer. You could also send an additional email to to let us know you have ordered the CD, please include your posting adress in this mail as well because occasionaly parts of addresses get lost on bank transfers. Within a few days after the money has arrived on the account the CD (and a receipt) will be sent to you.

Sold out

Sold out

Samuch – Side by Side
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A combination of shamanic and jewish singing styles, as I used to sing during the constellations and systemic rituals in my groups. Samuch contains eleven wordless  melodies I learned in dreams.

Walk around the sun
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The recordings for Walk around the Sun took about half a year, and the result is quite different from earlier CD’s. meditative chants, mantra-style repeated lines from hebrew prayers, supported by drums and environmental nature sounds. Most of the melodies come from dreams, like in earlier CD’s.