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Systemic Ritual: Healing connections

Vienna, Austria
29-03-2019  –  31-03-2019

Healing connections

We often experience ourselves as beings who are not fully integrated. We see this reflected in the way we talk, for example when we say: “My head said I should do A, but my heart wanted to do B’, or: I wasn’t fully there, a part of me didn’t join.’ In many ways, big and small, we are often not fully connected with all that we are. In this training, we look at this fact from various angles. We will pay attention to the functioning of the three evolutionary layers of the brain: the reptile brain, the limbic brain and the neocortex and learn some ways in which these three can be harmonized. We will look into the ways trauma can create disconnections in our psyche, and find ways to connect the loose pieces again. Diving inside ourselves to find old and new resources there, we learn how to connect these to other parts in ourselves that can benefit from them. Looking outside ourselves into the daily world and the world of soul and spirit, we learn how to bring strength from there into ourselves. The training offers a variety of excercises, shamanic/systemic rituals and more, all aiming at the creation of connections that bring a sense of deeper integration, gaining a stronger sense of self and a stronger awarenes of the beneficial forces in the world that surrounds us.

Organization: Sibylle Halder