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Ongoing shamanism training: The Shamanic world of Animals

Paris, France
29-11-2019  –  01-12-2019

The ongoing shamanic training group meets twice a year for a weekend, most of the people are returnees but there is suavely some place for new people as weel who have some experience in basic contemporary shamanic practice. Contact the organizers for more info.

In shamanic practice, animals are essential. The shaman’s costumes, drums and rattles often have (images of/parts of) animals on them. Sometimes they have a general symbolic meaning, at other times they are practical partners in the shaman’s work. Animals serve as guides during trances, animals do healing work. Animals embody specific spiritual/psychological qualities and skills. In the ongoing training, we have already met animals many times. This weekend, the role and function of the animals of the shamanic world get our full attention. By a variety of rituals and exercises we will learn some new ways to include the animals’ powers in the work and get to know the specific qualities and strengths of some animals. We meet the animals as guides, teachers and healers. The relationship with animals we already know can deepen, and we can build some new relationships with animals of the shamanic world that we were not yet familiar with.

organization: Céline Baron  /  Catherine le Maignan

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