Short documentary: Living with the Spirits

Jörg Polzer from Berlin filmed and produced a short documentary in which I speak about my work and my relationship to shamanism. Céline Baron and Stephan Mante were so kind to make themselves available and share some of their experiences and point of view as well. The days of chaos in which my Berlin home was sealed off from all daylight and rebuilt as a studio were worth it: I am happy with the result!

New programs

Last year I planned substantially less seminars than usual. For several reasons it was time for a partial time out for me. Gradually I am now starting to plan some new programs again. Although I will continue to work less than before for some time to come, I will make sure that both my shamanic and systemic work will stay available in different countries. A few new groups have just been added to the agenda: Systemic Ritual seminars in Barcelona and Mexico, a new series return days for students of former shamanic year trainings in the Netherlands, and a training of three modules in Vienna in which shamanism and Systemic Ritual will be combined on the wheel of the four directions. You will find them all on the training page, and some more programs will be added later. A new training format, of which the first takes place in Amsterdam, is explained in a separate entry in this blog.

A new development: collective Systemic Rituals

Over the years the amount of collective Systemic Rituals in my groups has been gradually increasing. In my current groups, about half of rituals I offer, give all the participants who wish to the opportunity to step in and join. The collective Systemic Rituals are based on a ground plan that includes various clearly defined archetypical positions. Participants choose each time anew where they will stand and how long they will stay there. By giving an individual interpretation to the different archaic roles that have been suggested, each participant creates their own personal journey within the ritual. Because these collective works are appreciated by many, I have started to plan some groups in which I will offer only collective Systemic Rituals. The first one will take place in Amsterdam on 1 October (Dutch spoken), and there will be a few similar seminars planned in other countries as well. Next to this new format (only collective works) I will also continue to offer the familiar training formats in which personal constellations and rituals will be set up.

Systemic Ritual Tools

For a while I have been working on a new project: Systemic Ritual Tools. I am designing a series of different wheels that will be printed on textile, and some other tools that can be used for groups and in therapeutic one on one sessions. In the next months, as the first products will be made available, more news will follow!


Track of new CD Athalbero: Birthing the Ancestors

In 2016 my new CD Athalbero will be released. I asked video artist Ceven Knowles to make a video for one of the tracks. Ceven used the old Nordic practice of skrying as inspiration: laying down on the earth, watching the clouds part and let yourself be drawn upwards in the sky to find information and communication with the spirits. Watch and enjoy it here.

All CD’s available as download!

All of the four CD’s I have made are now available as downloads via When you visit cdbaby and search under my name you will find Altar, Kusjanga, Samuch/Side by side and Walk around the Sun there.

I am happy that finally Altar and Kusjanga are available again, they have been sold out completely for many years.

TV Interview

January 2012 I was interviewed by Renate McNay for Conscious TV. The interview is about one hour long. Unfortunately, at this moment, the interview can not be displayed on iPad because Flash can not be installed there. We are looking for a solution…