Ereveld vol Leven – taking systemic work to the next level

My dear friend and colleague Nathalie Toisuta and her team are again doing their magnificent remembrance work called Ereveld vol Leven in May 2018. At one of the Netherland’s war cemetaries, hundreds of people will stand next to grave stones, each having the same gender and approximately the same age as the one resting there. The Ereveld vol Leven team prepares both representatives and visitors for this moment with dedication and deep respect. It is a big honor to have been a witness to the development of this new application of systemic constellations. Only Dutch speaking people can understand the next trailer, but the images speak for themselves.

Trailer 2018 Ereveld Vol Leven

New translation: ‘Die Vier Richtungen’

The German edition of The Four Directions has been published. The translation is by Angelika Fend, who has been translating me in trainings in the German speaking countries for many years. I am happy that the book has become available so my many German friends can read it in their own language!

New Systemic Ritual Training 2018-2019

The new Systemic Ritual training has been planned! Like the earlier SRT’s the program consists of four meetings, the first is in May 2018, the fourth is in June 2019. As always it will be a very international group. The language will be English (no translations in other languages) and the training will take place in Berlin. You can apply for a place in the SRT when you are already leading groups and/or working with individual clients, and after participating in at least one (preferably more) open groups with me. The page Training Programs has been updated, there you can find not only the SRT’s dates  but also those of a variety of other programs.

The first Systemic Ritual Tools are on their way

Together with a graphic designer I have been working on three wheels that will be made available as prints on textile. The basic wheel of the four directions, the wheel of the four soul levels and the ancestor field will appear as the first series of prints, in various sizes. The proof prints are now being made in the factory. As soon as these are ready they can be evaluated, the last choices for the designs can be made and the production will start!


CD Athalbero

I am very happy that Athalbero is out and available! The CD will be available during all trainings, and can be ordered as well. Athalbero is also available as download via You can find the ordering and download info on page Books and CD’s.

Short documentary: Living with the Spirits

Jörg Polzer from Berlin filmed and produced a short documentary in which I speak about my work and my relationship to shamanism. Céline Baron and Stephan Mante were so kind to make themselves available and share some of their experiences and point of view as well. The days of chaos in which my Berlin home was sealed off from all daylight and rebuilt as a studio were worth it: I am happy with the result!

Track of CD Athalbero: Birthing the Ancestors

In January 2017 my new CD Athalbero was released. I asked video artist Ceven Knowles to make a video for one of the tracks: Birthing Ancestors. Ceven used the old Nordic practice of skrying as inspiration: laying down on the earth, watching the clouds part and let yourself be drawn upwards in the sky to find information and communication with the spirits. Watch and enjoy it here.

TV Interview

January 2012 I was interviewed by Renate McNay for Conscious TV. The interview is about one hour long. Unfortunately, at this moment, the interview can not be displayed on iPad because Flash can not be installed there. We are looking for a solution…