Short documentary

This winter, a short documentary will be made about how I got involved with shamanism and what role it is playing in my life. There will be special attention for the way shaman costumes have always played a role in my experience of shamanism. It was, for example, the discovery of the tradtional costumes of Siberian shamans that drew me towards shamanism in the early nineteen eighties. The documentary will be made by Jörg Polzer and it will be shot mostly in my Berlin home. By the end of January a link will be placed here on this page!

Video: Birthing the Ancestors

In 2016 my new CD Athalbero will be released. I asked video artist Ceven Knowles to make a video for one of the tracks. Ceven used the old Nordic practice of skrying as inspiration: laying down on the earth, watching the clouds part and let yourself be drawn upwards in the sky to find information and communication with the spirits. Watch and enjoy it here.

CD ‘Athalbero’ in the making

Sometimes, when I am singing in a training and the people who are present are involved in an exercise or a ritual, it feels like a door opens and somehow we all enter another space. During the last few years, I have made recordings of such special moments with my iphone. The sound quality of these recordings may not be perfect, but in each case the athmosphere is very special. Ramon Tiernagan and I have started to create a new CD out of them. The recordings were made during shamanic healings, trance journeys and Systemic Rituals. Because there are several longer tracks on the CD in which I sing with the spirit of the bear, I have chosen the title ‘Athalbero’. This is an old-Germanic name, meaning Noble Bear.


Less trainings in 2016

As you will notice when you check out the trainings page, there are only a few programs planned for the coming period. In the past I have allowed myself periods of much less work several times already, usually these lasted for about one year. Always my private life and my work benefitted a lot from it. My sincere apologies for those who would like to participate in trainings and seminars – but in 2016 my availability will be limited. However, it is a temporary situation: I am not planning to stop working! In the coming months there will be a few opportunities to experience my shamanic trainings or Systemic Ritual, even if the program is less full than usually for a while. And during 2016 I will start planning some new projects, and in due time more groups and trainings will be scheduled again.

All CD’s available as download!

All of the four CD’s I have made are now available as downloads via When you visit cdbaby and search under my name you will find Altar, Kusjanga, Samuch/Side by side and Walk around the Sun there.

I am happy that finally Altar and Kusjanga are available again, they have been sold out completely for many years.

TV Interview

January 2012 I was interviewed by Renate McNay for Conscious TV. The interview is about one hour long. Unfortunately, at this moment, the interview can not be displayed on iPad because Flash can not be installed there. We are looking for a solution…