Training programs

What the PSR offers

In the programs of the Practice for Systemic Ritual®/Practice for Shamanism and Ritual the students are taught many kinds of shamanic and systemic techniques. When someone has done enough practice and in this way has mastered the skills he/she has been learning, he/she can start to use them in his/her work. People apply the skills they have learned as a PSR student in coaching, in providing therapeutic/shamanic guidance (in groups of one on one settings) and while leading various kinds of systemic constellations.

Many programs on offer are training groups, in these programs the students are taught theory, receive instructions and do exercises to practice the various techniques that are taught. In other programs, for example the open groups Systemic Ritual®, I demonstrate the use of systemic interventions by working with individual clients. After each demonstration there is an opportunity for the other participants in the group to ask questions about the applications of what they have seen in their own work situation and practice. In a third group of programs participants practice shamanic healing and trance techniques together. Such practice groups are a necessary part of the general training situation because only when someone has mastered a skill thoroughly will it be possible to apply the method while guiding others. In these groups (as well as in the shamanic trainings), participants are taught theory and then take turns practicing techniques by being each other’s clients. Additionally there are also some supervision programs and return-days for people who have completed at least one year training with me. In these programs people can continue to practice together while receiving personal supervision and suggestions how to apply systemic and shamanic techniques in their own work with clients and groups.

In this way, the combination of the various trainings, open groups, supervision and return-days support all students in their ongoing professional development.

Please note: Training programs in the Netherlands are spoken Dutch, unless otherwise indicated. In all other countries language is English, sometimes with translation in the local language. Please check the local organizers if you have questions about this.

Training programs:

SRT (Systemic Ritual Training) for Spanish speaking people - module 1
June 23, 2021 16:00 - June 27, 2021 14:00 @ Barcelona, Spain

SRT (Systemic Ritual Training) for Spanish speaking people - module 2
November 10, 2021 16:00 - November 14, 2021 14:00 @ Barcelona, Spain

SRT (Systemic Ritual Training) for Spanish speaking people - module 3
February 23, 2022 16:00 - February 27, 2022 14:00 @ Barcelona, Spain

SRT (Systemic Ritual Training) for Spanish speaking people - module 4
June 8, 2022 16:00 - June 12, 2022 14:00 @ Barcelona, Spain