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Side By Side
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Side by Side / Dream of the Melody
Samuch / Chalom haNiggun
In the early 2000’s, I connected strongly to the jewish parts of my ancestor field. In those years, I met Hasidic rebbes in my dreams and learned hundreds of melodies from them and their students. I recorded what I could of those melodies after waking up, sometimes I managed to remember the whole song but sometimes I could just bring a fragment back to the waking world. These gifts from the dream world, complete or just fragments, don’t sound exactly like the traditional Chasidic niggunim (melodies). My singing style developed during many years of training in shamanic ritual. In that sense, each of the tracks is a bridge, linking the flavor of the mystical jewish tradition with shamanism. The Hebrew words Samuch means side by side, supporting each other. Pronounced differently it is Smoch: trust.