Walk Around The Sun


Walk Around The Sun
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I made this CD in 2009, after years of practice in the Jewish daily prayers and following (part of) the cycle of holy days and festivals throughout the jewish year. I had started to realize that I had explored this old ancestral path as deep as was right for me, and sensed I would start to move into other directions. I wanted to capture the spirit of my singing as it was then, before it would evolve and change again. Some of the tracks have sentences of the jewish morning prayers or psalms in them, repeated like a mantra. I learned most of the melodies in my dreams at night, recording them after waking up. The Tracks follow the cycle of the wheel of the four directions and some tracks feature the added voices of guest singers Galitta Tassa and Aron Saltiel. Some of the tracks have many layers of voices and gentle sounds of the natural world were added, together they add a dreamy and gentle quality to the singing.