For detailed information about my seminars and training groups, please look at the Program page. When you click on the program of your choice, the contact info of the organizer(s) will appear. You can contact them directly and they are able to tell you all you want to know. All programs that are available can be found on this page.
On the page Facilitators you will find a long list of people (grouped by country) who have completed the Systemic Ritual Training. Some of them work only in groups, some do only individual sessions, many offer both.
I myself am not available for any kind of individual work, my private practice has been closed for a long time. If you are looking for a private shamanic consultation, I can refer you to Sabine Obermayr Adamzek. You can contact her directly to learn about conditions and possibilities via Some of the people listed on the facilitator page have also had shamanic training (by me and/or other shamanic teachers) and they can support you as well, you can check your country/region there. You will also find a few practitioners listed as Support Team on the Zoom Sessions page.

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