Finally, the plans for a new version of the Systemic Ritual Training are ready! There are some fundamental changes of the old format, which will make it a different experience. Before corona, participants had to sign up for 8 modules in advance and follow all these modules in order to complete the training. Also, in the past I would start one training group every two years, and so if a group was full or people wanted to register after the start of the program they would have to wait two years before a new group would start. The new training is set up very differently: there will be at least two modules offered each year, and students can register for them separately. Each module will cover a certain aspect of Systemic Ritual and its applications, but each module will be complete in itself (no longer a step in a linear development program). If someone has to miss or skip a module, it does not cause problems in the further study program anymore. Another important change is that from now on, someone can start with the program when they are ready for it, they do not have to wait till a new generation of students starts all together at the same time. With each module there will be some new students in the group. After completing 6 modules, a student can officially say they are using Systemic Ritual – but the study can be continued by following further modules with themes that appeal to them. In this new structure, it will also be possible for students who completed earlier trainings to come back for one or more training modules, so their understanding of the method can continue to deepen and their skills of facilitation can continue to grow. Together with the organizing team (Céline and Stephan) we decided it would be a good moment to find a new location for the training, and not far from the pace where we worked for ten years we found a beautiful large room in a venue run by refugees and volunteers, a place with a heart. We will be on the ground floor, which means that the room is accessible for all – an improvement! The training will start in 2024 – we do not yet take registrations but you can register with the organizers to let them know you want to practical info when it becomes available.